Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing 2019

I am a finalist in the $25,000 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, judged by the brilliant John Wolseley.

This is my shortlisted work, 'Nantiberry Spring, Warraweena', which I created using oil pastel and pencil on paper, en plein air in the Flinders Ranges in 2018.

The work will be shown among the other finalists from 2nd March until 29th March at the Adelaide Perry Gallery, ‘ The Croydon’, Corner Hennessey and College Streets Croydon, Sydney.

Artists Statement:

My artistry reveals itself through various mediums, from drawing, painting, music and poetry. I am driven to express my impression of the blessing of life into works that can feed the hearts and minds of the viewer, listener and reader. 

I began this work on the final day of a drawing trip to the Flinders Ranges last Autumn. I often set out around my home in central Victoria, packed with a boiled egg, thermos and hat, to perch on the earth and transpose the vista about me onto the blank page. So to find myself creating within the majesty of the Flinders Ranges was a humbling and thrilling experience.

For this work I settled myself on the grey, blue, and purple pebbles of the drying creek bed, around the corner from the seeping spring, where wallaroos dig among soft gravel to lean on their elbows and drink from their freshly dug pool of water.

While I drew my impression of this awesome waterway, that reveals itself in layer upon layer of shale, I watched a family of wild goats traverse the far horizon, making their way down to the life-giving spring while above a magpie called in the still, enormous air.

Around the Cormer from the Seeping Spring – Warraweena, Flinders Ranges.jpg