Cry of the Curlew

Cry of the Curlew is a poetry collection anchored in and around Pinchgut Creek on Wiradjuri country. Allis Hamilton fetched poems from the wings of birds, wrestled words from the mouth of the wind, notated movement of the grasses into verse that will lead you to the hills of her home.

“The first poem in Allis Hamilton’s collection is irresistibly captivating. Her grammar and the detail and depth of her perception will stop readers in their tracks. In all her work, she seems to be at one with what she writes about, and she writes with open-hearted and full consciousness of the individuality of everything she describes. The freshness of her language, and the subtlety of her poetic craft mirror her delight at being party to the endless revelations of the earth. I haven’t read any Australian poetry so joyously alert to the things one can love for such a long time that it comes as a joy to think one can still revel in life itself.”                       
                                                          MICHAEL SHARKEY – former editor of Australian Poetry Journal

Includes drawings by Allis Hamilton

60 pages

Heron Cottage Press

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STORM MUSIC chapbook:

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'Storm Music' is a chapbook handmade by Allis Hamilton, featuring a selection of some of her previously published poems. The collection is 16 pages and is a limited edition run of 50 books. The book is printed on recycled paper (except the transparency page) and is sewn together on a foot-pedal machine and created in a small off-grid shack in the Australian bush. 'Storm Music' includes drawings by Allis.

Praise for 'Storm Music':

'What a beautiful thing ‘Storm Music’ is! [Hamilton] has a passion for landscape, the kindest sympathy with animals – yet some of [her] best, irresistibly vivid poems are about people.'
– ALISON BRACKNBURY, award-winning poet and broadcaster and author of Skies,(Carcanet) author of 'Skies', chosen by 'The Observer' as one of its 'Poetry Books of the Year'.

"I've received your book, which is a truly beautiful book in every way - the artwork, the paper, the stitching. And of course the poems, all of which speak to me quietly but strongly. I love 'Storm Music', and 'Proprioception' is I think a superb poem. I think all books of poetry should be like this."
– Ross GILLETT, author of 'The Sea Factory', published by Five Islands Press,'Wundawax and other poems', published by Mark Time Books and a new one due out this year through Puncher and Wattmann.

You can purchase STORM MUSIC through Allis' Etsy store here: