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Allis is a poem scribbler, line drawer, song singer, tale teller and textiles wrangler.

Her poetry is published in journals in Australia: Australian Poetry Journal, Overland, Southerly;
in U.K.: Poetry Review, Eyeware, The Caterpillar, Skylight 47.
And anthologised in: Flightath, Hallowell Press, 2018;
and forthcoming in an Eel Anthology, Guillemot Press, U.K.        

She has performed music in Malta, Belgium, England and Australia.
Her art is held in private collections,
and in the Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga collection, for a musicial composition she penned as a part of Darren Sylvester’s B Minor work,1996.

She lives in a tiny hand-built shack in the Australian bush, powered by the sun.
She lives with many animals of various species.

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