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Allis Hamilton is a poem scribbler, line drawer, song singer, tale-teller and textiles wrangler.


Her poems appear in journals such as:

The Poetry Review, Southerly, Overland, Westerly, Australian Poetry Journal, Medical Journal of Australia, The Caterpillar and Skylight 47;

and in the anthologies:

Flightath, Hallowell Press, 2017;
The Creel, Guillemot Press, U.K., 2018 

She was a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, 2019.

Her art is held in private collections,
and in the Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, collection

for a musical composition she penned as a part of Darren Sylvester’s B Minor work,1996.

She has performed music in Malta, Belgium, England and Australia.

She lives in a tiny hand-built shack in the Australian bush, powered by the sun.
She lives with many animals of various species.

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